Blogger could not save earnings settings

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Today I'll tell you how to solve the blogger error Could not save earnings settings. I'm getting this error and I searched a lot. But did not find any solution. But now I'm able to solve this error. So I thought I should post about this error.

When this error occur?

This error occurs when you try to save Your AdSense ad-display setting. After selecting the ad layout, you click on Save Settings button, whoa... You see the error pop up Could not save earning settings.

And you will not be able to setup AdSense ad on your blog. That's means no earning.

What could be the reasons?

  • Your AdSense account may have expired.
  • It is not a browser issue. If it is a browser issue then it should be working with other browsers. I have tried almost all browsers.
  • You have more no of ads running on your single page.
  • Your AdSense account is more then six month old and din't get approved.

How to solve this error?

To solve this error, you should have a approved AdSense account. And if you don't have a approved AdSense account then also you need to follow these steps. Because for getting a AdSense account you need to save Earning Settings. Now there is deadlock, and you can't get approve for your adsense account. That means no money no honey.

Steps to solve this error

If you follow each step, then you will be able to solve the problem and soon you will get a approved AdSense account.

  • Step : 1 If you are already running ads on your blog, check the no of ads. If you are not running any ad then skip this step.


  1. I'm getting another error Please correct the errors on this form when try to add adsense widget

    1. that is also same error. For that also you can follow same steps.

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  3. Could not save earnings settings.

  4. google give me sign up button for adsense on blogger today i signed up and my earning tab could not be saved and also it is written that my account is an approval what should i do

  5. Thanks dear, for this information and there is other way to fix the problem
    Best regards

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