Memory Cards

Hi friends, Today i'm going to tell you why some memory cards are lower price. Whenerver you go to buy a memory card, check the class of memory card.

Class 2 2 MB/sec 
Class 4 4 MB/sec 
Class 6 6 MB/sec
Class 10 10 MB/sec

And according to this class memory card suitability is as follows...

Class 2 - SD video recording
Class 4 and 6 - HD / Full HD video recording,
Class 10 - Full HD video recording and HD still consecutive recording

This class is given on the memory card, as follows...

That's is the reason some memory card and pendrive are very cheap. 
Lower cost memory card have less speed. So be alert whenever you are going to buy a memory card check the class that is mentioned on it.

Thank you.
Enjoy :)