How to play song on startup of your computer

Hi friends
          Today i'm going to tell you a new and a funny trick. You can play any song on startup of your computer or any other sound or you can also change your computer alert sounds.

Ok, follow the steps...

First choose any song which you like, and you have to convert this song into .wav format.
      To convert the song into .wav format you can use any converter (software). In my case, I have used Format Factory.

If you have not Format Factory, you can download Format Factory here.

After installing it look like.

Now go to control pannel and choose Hardware and Sound.

After choosing that option, next window will open. Now click on Change system sounds.

Now a dialogue box will open like this.

Choose any option that you want to modify the sound. Here i'll select Windows Logon.

Scroll down and select Windows Logon from the dialogue box.

After select that, Click on Browse... button and locate your song that you converted into .wav format. If you convert your song using Format Factory then your song will be in document-->FFOutput folder.

Step:-4 Select your song and click on Open button and then click on Apply button.

You can see the song name in list and can check using Test button. 

Close Sound dialogue box by clicking on Ok button.

Great. You have done. 
Now Restart your computer or Log off and you will see magic. Your favorite song is playing.

And next time when you open your computer it will play on startup.
:) Enjoy.


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