How to prevent users to use your Task Manager

Hi friends,
               How are you all. I guess, you all are ok. Today I'm here with a new trick that can be very useful. You all are familiar with Windows Task Manager or you can say System Monitor application that provides limited information about computer performance and running applications, processes and CPU usage, mamory information, network activity and statistics, logged-in users and system services. Using this you can easily stop any service, application that is currently running on your computer. So, it should not be accessed by the another person who is using your computer. To open Windows Task Manager you have to right click on windows taskbar and select Start Task Manager.

If your computer gets hang,you can directly open Task Manage by pressing  CTRL+ALT+DELET button on your keyboard. It is shortcut key of Task Manager. It look something like this.

How do you stop users from using the your Task Manager. There are lots of tricks on the internet but that are not so useful. Why? Suppose you have disable your Task manager using Registry then you can't access your task manager too. That trick i'm telling you is more simple compare to 'em. It allows you whenever you need.

The unknown users can't access your Task Manager unaware they have seen my blog. :D

To do this, follow the steps,
Step:1 Open Task Manager. Select Networking tab.

Step:2 Click on the border side of the Task Manager. You will have to click on the Red line area that is shown in the picture. If you don't click on the line it will not work. After clicking on that area, only networking information will be showing and other tabs will disappear. 

You have done. Next time when you open the Task Manager it will open without other tab and only show information about Networking. Other person can't use your Task Manager for stoping any service or for other work. 

If you want to use your Task Manager, then you have to click again on the Red line and all tabs will appear.

Enjoy :)


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