Keep your sensitive data locked without using folder lock

Hi friends,
               Today I'm going to tell you "How to keep your data locked?" without using any type of folder lock. I know, we all have our important data like pictures, movies, documents and other files and you want to keep them secure. You don't want to access your data by the other person. Ok, lets start. You all are using a software named WIN RAR. We'll use this software to lock our data. By using this you will not have installed additional software because i think there would not be any computer without using WINRAR. If you havn't WINRAR, download here.


Now install WINRAR and follow the steps that are given below.

Step:1 Right Click on the folder that you want to lock. If you have installed WINRAR then you will see the following options. Click on Add to archive...

Step:2 When you will click on the specified option, a dialogue box will open like this. If you want to change the name just edit the selected area and then click on Set Password... button.

Step:3 Another dialogue box will open. Write your desired password in the field and then click on OK button.

Congratulations. You have done. It take some seconds.

Step:4 You can see the WINRAR file that contain your sensitive data and locked with password. Delete the original folder but be careful and check the created file is not corrupted and working properly.

Great, your sensitive data is now protected. To open your folder, click on the new create flie and put the password that you had entered at the time of asking password

Enjoy :)


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