Amazing google game

Hi friends,
               I think this is my last post of 2013. Today i'm here with a unknown google game. You will have played this. If you don't know about it try this. It's Dx Ball game that you have ever played on your computer. To play this game you don't need any special skills. The steps are,

Step:1 Go to google and type atari breakout and then click on Images for atari breakout.

Step:2 As soon as you will click on that link your game will start. Control the ball using your mouse or touch pad. It will take some time to load the game so don't panic.

You can share your score on google+ and tackling with your friends using share button that is given to you after game completion or if you lose your all chance that is provided by the game. The number of maximum chances are five.

In my case, my high score is 845.

Enjoy :)