Amazing google game 2

Hello friends,
                  I have posted about a google game that is enough good. Today i'm going to tell you about another google games. Actually these game are used by google as a doodle at the time of olympic in 2012. Here four games are listed. You can play these games and share your score and compete with your friends. If you like them please comment below.

                The first game is Basketball and this is my favorite game. In this, they have given you 24 seconds and in these 24 seconds how more you baskets your score will increase. Another game named Slalom Canoe. In this, you have to finish the race with your Canoe in minimum seconds using your keyboard arrow keys. Your score will have determined according to time that is taken by you to finishing the race. Third one is Soccer in which you will have to secure your goal post and you have given three chances. The last one is Hurdles in which you have to complete the race by crossing obstacles. You can play these games by clicking their corresponding links.

(1) Basketball

Click Here

(2) Slalom Canoe

 Click Here

(3) Soccer

Click Here

(4) Hurdles

Click Here

Enjoy :)