Hack facebook account funny trick

Hi friends,
            Today i'm here with a new trick. Actually it's not a real facebook account hacking trick, it's only for fun. You must have seen facebook newer feature Photo comment that allow users to edit published posts and comments.With the new feature, the comment box has a camera button available. As you click on it, Facebook gives you the option to add a photo. The photo then gets uploaded and is inserted a part of the comment. It works similar to the way photos are embedded in messages with the users having the option to add text along with the image.

            Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, one of the developers behind the release, said he was inspired to create the photo comments feature because, "sometimes showing a photo helps me tell a story much better than words alone" and it's really true. 

         Most image formats including JPEG, PNG and TIFF that are supported for regular Facebook image uploads are supported with the comments feature as well. GIF files, as before, remain unsupported
               Ok ok, it's enough. You are thinking what is new in this post while you all are familiar with this feature. Ok let me explain, you can edit your friend's facebook profile name and put his/her nickname instead of his name and take the snapshot of the page and send to your friend. He/She will think how did you do this? You can edit anything on facebook according to your need and make fun of your friend. Ok, here some steps. Follow 'em.

Step:1  Go to your friend's facebook profile and left click on the page and select Inspect element (For Chrome and Mozila) or press CTRL+SHIFT+1 shortcut key (For Chrome).

Step:2 When you click on Inspect Element, a editing panel opens bottom of the page like this.

Step:3  Now left click on the highlighted area and select Edit Text or you can directly press F2. Now type your friend's nickname or anything else. When you have completed typing, click anywhere on the page and close the Inspect Element and you will see that you typed on the panel, now that is showing on the page.

Step:4 Now take snapshot of the page by pressing PrntScr button on your keyboard and goto paint and paste the snapshot by pressing CTRL+V. Cut the page according to your size and save the picture. Now you have ready to send this picture to your friend. 

By using this trick, you can also edit status of you anyone on facebook, relationship status and even you can edit your marksheet and get marks according to your need. 

Enjoy :)


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  3. Hi, is there a way to edit/change "Friend Request Sent" in inspect element, to "Friends", as if the person accepted/confirmed the friend request? A friend is taking too long to accept my friend request, he never logs into facebook, and I want to confirm it myself.

    1. I don't think they would know anything about it on here. You should ask to real IT sites, those are engineers who'll definitely know.

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