How to use multiple ip address in windows7 8 vista

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                   how are you? Please tell me in comments. Ok, now about the post. Today i'll tell you how can you use multiple IPs on your computer or laptop. Windows allow you to use multiple IP at a time and here multiple mean no limit but you have to choose suitable and valid IP that works on your computer. It is more beneficial where DHCP that is Dynamic Host Protocol disabled. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a standardized networking protocol used on IP networks that dynamically configures IP addresses and other information that is needed for Internet communication. DHCP allows computers and other devices to receive an IP address automatically from a central DHCP server, reducing the need for a network administrator or a user from having to configure these settings manually
                  In other words, when you connected to the network and the net speed goes down, you have no need to change your IP because the another IP switch and continue to provide you net. To use multiple IPs follow the steps,

Step:1 Go to Control pannel -> Network And Sharing Center and you will see following window.

Step:2 You can see that my computer is using one IP now.  Click on Local Area Connection and  again click on properties in Local Area Connection Status dialogue box. Another box will open. Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and the click on Properties.

Step:3 A new dialogue box open where you can see your existing IP. In that box, click on Advance button.

Step:4 When you click on that button, anothor dialogue box will open. In that box you can see Add button. Click on that and type another IP that is not in use by your computer or another computer on the network and the Supnet Mask and click on Add button. If you want to add another Default gateway, that is given in the bottom in the property box and click on OK button.

Step:5 Close all the dialogue box by clicking on OK button. Now go to Control Panel -> Network Sharing and System Center, what you will see. Now your computer is using two IPs. You can increase the no of IP according your need.

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