ByPass windows logon screen without using any software

Hi Friends,
                Today I’ll show how can you operate or run your computer when it is locked mean to say on the logon screen. It is more interesting trick that you can do and it is working 100% on my computer. You will like it. Using this trick you can use your computer without fill the Password. In other words you can say this trick bypass the windows logon password screen. This trick is only for educational purpose and with this you learn more about hacking. 
                Ok, let’s start.  To bypass the logon screen of windows follow the steps that are given below.

Step:1 Click on start and type cmd. Then cmd.exe will appear on the top of the start menu. Right click on the cmd.exe and copy.

Then paste the cmd.exe on desktop and rename the file with Utilman.exe.

Step:2 Locate the following path on your computer.
Then type Utilman.exe in search box. A file with the name of Utilman.exe will display.

          Now rename the Utilman.exe file like Utilman_bak.exe or according to your choice. But when you will rename the the windows will not allow you. You have to change some settings.
          Right Click on Utilman.exe then choose Property and then 
click on Security tab and Choose Advanced from the dialogue box.

Click on Change Permissions… then select Administrators 
(SurajsPc-Pc\Administrators). Click on Edit… and then a new dialogue box will appear named Permission Entry for Utilman.exe. In this dialogue box check the box Full control. Click OK.

Same process repeat for the SYSTEM that is given below Administrators. Now you can rename the Utilman.exe file.

Step:3 Move the file that you have saved on your desktop with the name of Utilman.exe into the folder System32.

Now you are almost done. Close the folder and programs that are opened.
Step:4 Press WinKey+L to lock the computer.Now click on the  Icon that is on the left bottom corner of the screen.

When you click on that Icon, Command prompt will run like this.

Step:5 Now type explorer.exe in command prompt and you can see the Taskbar on the logon screen. If you know the more about commands of cmd then you can do more with this trick, like if you want to open notepad then just type notepad and it will open.
The Taskbar will take some time to open so don’t be panic. The Taskbar will look like,

Now you can run any program that is already installed on your 
computer. You can play games; play movies, audio-video songs 
also. But here you cannot use the disk drive directly through My ComputerLeave it; now check the start menu that is working properly or not?

The programs that are marked by the rectangular box will not work. But the programs that are on the left side of the start menu will work properly.
So how can we access the My Computer and my disk drivesHow can we play songs that are stored on the drive C,D,E and so on. Don’t worry. The solution is also here.

Step:6 To access the disk drives you can directly use the 
commands like cd (Change Drive), Dir (List for files). To play any song, go to that particular folder in which that song is stored and then simple type song name with extension in command prompt and your song will play. For example suppose a song named pitbull.mp4 is store in Song folder in drive F. The song will be play as follows,

The commands are pointed by the rectangular marker. You are thinking that how can you play any file when you don’t know the name of the file. Use Dir command to see all the files that are in Song folder. 
            Now you are thinking it’s great. But here is a problem. This method can’t play that file which name contains Spaces like “Pitbull Rain over Me.mp4”.  Here is also second method

Step:7 Go to start menu and type cmd.exe and press enter. A new command prompt window will be opened. Again type Paint in start menu and open Paint.

On Paint, click on file and choose Open… . A dialogue box will open to choose the file. Here you can access all the drives C; E; F; G; 

Step:8 Select any drive. To see all type of files change the drop down box in All Files that is on the right bottom of Open dialogue box.

In my computer, Song are stored in drive F; I have select the F drive and all then click on the folder named as. Here as is just like a folder name. It can be anything like Songs. By clicking on as folder all the video files are displayed. Don't double click on any file. To open any file you have to select that particular file and then drag that file on to cmd.exe like this,

Great, You have done. Now press Enter key and what you see the file is running. You can also open all type of file like word file, text files, pdf etc.

Enjoy :)


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