Change windows boring logon screen

Hi friends,
              Do you want to replace your computer's boring logon screen with your favourite celebrity or another wallpaper that you like most. So don't worry,here is a software named with LSC that changes the logon screen of the windows pc. If you want to change the boring logon screen of windows, download this software. Using this software your desired photo or wallpaper in one minute will be on computer logon screen.
             The steps are given below.
Step:1 Download the software. The link is given below.

Step:2 Install the software. After installing LSC, open and the LSC will be look like,

Step:2 Now click on ADD IMAGE FILE and choose your favorite wallpaper or any picture that you want to put on logon screen.

Step:3 Click on APPLY IMAGE FILE and after some processing the picture that is choosen by you is on the logon screen.

Step:4 Check the logon screen. Press WinKey+L to lock the computer and what you see? The logon screen has changed. 

If you want to change the logon screen into windows wallpaper then open LSC and click on RESTORE DEFAULT.

Enjoy :)


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