Chat with colorfull text in Facebook

Hi friends,
               You all use facebook for chatting, commenting, to contact your friend. Facebook is the biggest social networking site that provides a free way to connect with you to your friends, family. You will have seen that when you chat on facebook, there is no formatting for text. Here i'll tell you how can you change your text in colorfull text. Here some simple steps are given, follow them.
Step:1 Go to and select chat and then facebook chat generator. Is it complicated? Don't worry, you can click here to redirect on that page.

Step:2 Type your text in the textarea and you will see some codes. To select them, click on Select button and than press Ctrl+c or you can directly Copy by selecting the text using mouse.

Step:2 Now go to your facebook account. Open chat window and just paste that codes and press Enter. What you see? Your typed text is in colorful letters.

Enjoy :)


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