How to download bakground images from websites

Hi friends,
               Today i will tell you how can you download website's background wallpaper without using any software. This is very simple and easy. Sometimes when you visit any site and see different and most attractive background pictures. Then you want to use that picture for desktop background or webpage background. But how could you download that pictures while the sites not allow you to download.

               To downlaod any picture from the webpage you simply right click on the page and then click on Save image as... like,

But this method is not working in all cases because some websites don't allow you to download their data. And if you want to download the picture using right click and save images as..., this option is not appear in the list. you can see, here is a site that background i want to downlaod.

Don't worry. There is another way to download background pictures, images,icon from any webpage.  To downlaod the background pictures or images from the webpages you have to follow given steps.

Step:1 Go to the particular website whose background image you want  to download. Right click on the page and the select Inspect Element from the menu. This option is not supported by all the browsers. You can see this in Chrome, Firefox and Opera also. In my case, i'm using chrome.

Step:2 Click on Inspect element. A editor window will open in bottom of the browser. You can see the source code of the page and many other option. Here you have to select Resource option.

Step:3 When you select Resource option then some other option will display. Here you have to select Frame option. Again select the next option. This option can vary site to site. Now click Images and you can see all the images that are used in the site even logo, .gif images and many more.

Step:4 Now find that image by selecting the images name one by one. When you find that particular image, double click on the name of the image.

Double click on the name of that picture will open the picture or image in new tab where you can easily download the image that is site background.

Enjoy :)


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