Change folder color in windows

Hi friends,
                In windows the folder color is yellow,and if you want to change color of any folder you can change according to you. For changing the color of any folder you have to download the software named Folder Colorizer .After installing the software you can easily change the folder color of any folder.
You can download the Folder Colorizer here,

Ok, the steps are given below.
 Step:1 Now install Folder Colorizer. When you will install Folder Colorizer it will say to activation. Don't take tension. It's free of cost. Enter your Email simply and follow the instructions.

Click on Free Activation.

And then,

Step:2 Now choose any folder that color you want to change. Right click on the folder and click on Colorize! like this,

Step:3 Select any color that you like. Here I select Red color, and what you see the folder color changed in Red color.

Enjoy :)


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