Send your profile picture in chat box or any friend's profile picture on facebook

Hi friends,
               Today i'll tell you how can you send your profile picture in facebook chat box. You can also send your friends or any person's profile picture. And the interesting fact about it is that it is easy to implement
               To do this, first you must know your friend's username. Mean to say the whole game is based on the username. Great. By using this technique you can send any person's name in facebook chat. Even he is not your friend. Your all need is the username. To find username of the person,will go to the profile of the person. Don't take tension. Straight forward steps are given below

Step:1 Find the username of the person whose picture you want to send. Go to their profile and look at the browser's address bar.

Step:2 Now copy the username. The username will be the string that is after the******* . You have to copy last string. In my case, the whole address is and the user name will be Suraj1693.

Step:3 Open chat box and paste the copied username and add [[    ]] brackets on both side. Like [[****]] and then press enter.


Enjoy :)


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