How to chat on facebook when you are blocked

Hi friends,
               If i ask you, Have you an account on facebook?  Then you will say yes obviously. Great. you are using facebook and sometimes you have faced the problem of blocking. It's ridiculous. If someone has blocked you on facebook then you can't send friend request to him/her, you are not able to chat with them and even you can't see any thing about them. Today i'll tell you how can you chat your friends who has blocked you on facebook. It's not complicated. Just follow the simple steps.

Step:1 You need your friend's username. If you already know the username then no problem. Otherwise go to him/her profile and you will see the link in browser's address bar. Copy the last string that will be the username of your friend.

Step:2 Now create the email id using username like or you can get your friends facebook id by viewing their profile.

Step:3 Go to google and open the gmail account that is associated to blocked id. Now type the id of your friend that blocked you on facebook or you can directly copy paste.

Step:4 A new window will open. Type your message here and send.

Congratulation. Your work has been done and your message is sent to him/her who blocked you

If blocker reply, you can see the reply in your inbox.

Enjoy :)