Play Audio, Video without using any audio, video player

Hi Friends,
                 Sometimes you face problem that you have many song audio, video but no audio video player. So don't take tension. You can also play the song without using any audio,video player. But how...? I'll tell you.
                To play video, audio you can use your browser Chrome instead of video player. How to use Chrome as a player? Follow the steps...
Step:1 Open Chrome browser and type your drive name in the address bar of Chrome browser that contained your music, songs, videos etc. Like this,

Step:2 Press Enter, and you will se all file and folder that are on your specified drive.

Step:3 Choose that folder in which movie, song stored and double click on it. Here i'm choosing Movie folder.

          Now you can see all of your movies that are in Movie folder. Choose any movie and double click on it. Or if the movies are in subfolder, click on that subfolder untill you don't see all the movies. 

Step:4 Double click on the movie or song that you want to play.

Step:5 You see magic. Your file is running.



  1. video part is not running only audio is running

    not work properly

    1. Use Chrome browser and update your browser. This is working perfect on my computer...